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Meghna Sckerl
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Meghna Sckerl


PSYCHOTHERAPY FOR IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH: Over the last 15 years, I have specialised in providing psychotherapy to address mental health issues such as excessive anxiety, traumatic stress, prolonged trauma, depression and dis-regulated emotional and relational issues. When spiralling, negative thoughts take over, leaving you out of control or hopeless and in a pattern of reduced life quality, psychotherapy supports you in getting better. WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY: In addition to alleviating the distressful symptoms, my clients report feeling in full control of themselves, with a renewed understanding of their mental processes and behaviour even years after finishing therapy. Seeing them fully engaged with life and it's ups and downs is my reward. MY TECHNIQUE: I primarily use the Metacognitive framework, which is a highly effective, evidence-based, treatment for a range of mental health challenges. However, I continually upgrade my knowledge base, and engage in authorised supervision. You can be assured to get the best treatment. MY APPROACH: My approach is underlined by mutual respect, confidentiality, and best practices. During therapy, I aim to be flexible and customised to your particular needs, and strive to create an open and inclusive atmosphere. Sessions can be held online, in-clinic or at a pre-agreed public place. I look forward to working with you in therapy.
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