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Aleksandr Samoilenko

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My approach in psychotherapy:

I work out of values such as: acceptance, trust and presence and focus on establishing good personal relationships. During the session, I will happily meet you wherever you are in your life and I will seek to create a space of trust, security and openness as a prerequisite for personal development. Fundamentally, my psycho-therapeutic approach is ID Psychotherapy.

ID psychotherapy is a holistic therapy form. The one meaning of ID is “Identity-Oriented Psychotherapy”, and the other meaning is “integral” and “dynamic” psychotherapy. Integral means inclusive and complete, and dynamic in this context means that the therapy not only solves current emotional and social problems, but also ensures profound positive self-development and psychological maturation with you as a client.

Some of the unique features of ID psychotherapy are that, instead of just taking some techniques from different therapy systems, or mixing more more or less random psychotherapeutic methods, I work within a coherent and dynamic “integral” understanding framework that puts us in able to work creatively with the common basic change principles and processes underlying many otherwise apparently different directions in psychotherapy.

ID psychotherapy has among other things the purpose to uncover and develop as many layers and aspects of our human identity as possible. ID psychotherapy is based on the experience that we greatly improve our quality of life as we find and strengthen contact with the deeper, original identity.

I am a memeber of Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening. That means that I adhere to the codes and ethics of Dansk Psykoterapeut Forening, which ensures I have regular supervision and continue to develop personally as well as professionally.

If you are interested in a therapy course or would like to get further information, please contact me at mobile: +45 50 43 55 38 or email:

Certified Psychotherapist MPF 2017, Denmark
Diploma in Cognitive Coaching 2016, Denmark
Master of Science 2013, Denmark
Fitness Institute 2011, Denmark
Master of Social Science 2005, Russia

Terapeutiske Behandlinger
  • Angst
  • Depression
  • Eksistentielle kriser
  • Ensomhed
  • Familieproblemer
  • Fobier
  • Konflikter
  • Kriser
  • Sorg/tab
  • Spiseforstyrrelser
  • Stress
  • Tidligere traumer
  • Traumer/chok
  • ID-terapi

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